Right in the heart of the Upper

Douro, we find Quinta do


Quinta do Arnozelo

Between São João da Pesqueira and Vila Nova de Foz Côa, right in the heart of the Upper Douro, we
find Quinta do Arnozelo. Situated on the south bank of the Douro, its vineyards have adorned the
slope of the river for centuries. In return, the Douro gives them the ideal conditions to grow.


The Quinta is located in a favorable geographical area and has an ideal microclimate for the vineyard culture. In its 200 hectares there is also space for olive trees, orange trees and an extensive forest area, natural habitat of the typical fauna of the region.


Through Arnozelo have already passed several masters and housekeepers. An olive oil mill from the Roman Empire marks its antiquity. A first written reference dating from 1527 ensures its continuity and the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Ribeira, built in the sixteenth century and rebuilt in the eighteenth century, affirms its importance.

The whole building of the farm remains functional to this day: the dwelling house, the olive oil press and warehouse, the distillery, the winery, the Carden and the workers’ kitchen, the caretaker’s house and the stables. Sign that, century after century, the Arnozelo is in good hands.

“…our vineyards have the cadastral classification – letter A, the best classification existing in the Douro Demarcated Region.”