You will have a unique experience in the place where a good part of our work is done, with dedication and love for wine.

Find the diversity of Sogevinus and be part of our history.

Come and get to know the banners that help us spread the secrets of Port wine: Kopke, the oldest Port wine house; Burmester, elegant and sophisticated; Cálem, global; Barros, Portuguese character; and Velhores, the popular Port.

Cálem Cellars

The most visited wine cellars

Cálem wine cellars are a global reference, with over 235,000 visitors per year from all over the world.
The most visited Port wine cellars await you.

Kopke House

The oldest Port wine house

A place with an intimate atmosphere, with a prime view over the Douro river and Porto’s old quarter, Ribeira.

Burmester Cellars

Cellars with a lot of style.

A certain kind of magic happens by Luiz I bridge.

Sogevinus Shop

Best of Douro

All the ranges from all the brands – Kopke, Burmester, Cálem and Barros – in just one place.