Honouring five centuries of wine.

It’s in our hands.

Quinta da Boavista

Authentic Douro

A recent project at one of the most iconic Quintas at the Douro region, since 1756 on the right side of the river, where the schist, the dramatic slopes, the extreme climate and secular know-how, come together to design one of the most beautifiul landscapes and some of the most renowned and awarded wines of the region.

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Discover the result of the Mastery of Douro


The Original Port

Even before the demarcation of the Douro region, Kopke existed. Founded in 1638, the oldest Douro brand embodies all the richness of this heritage.

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Discover this pioneer and let yourself be fascinated by the creator of the Douro tradition.

Kopke House

Right in the heart of the riverside of Gaia, the Kopke store is an open house and always ready to welcome our visitors.


Seductive Douro

In a region of tradition and history, Burmester finds its place on the border between the past and the new.

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Discover what seduces Burmester lovers.

Burmester Cellars

The Burmester cellars have as neighbor the D. Luiz I Bridge.


The Creative Douro

Barros wines express more than just aromas. They are also the expression of the Portuguese and Douro character.

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Discover the taste of a truly Portuguese Port.


Worlwide Wine

Cálem’s profile positions it as a true brand ambassador of Porto. Extremely popular, with a friendly and consensual spirit, this brand has indisputable leadership of the Portuguese market.

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Discover what makes Cálem universal.

Cálem Cellars

Cálem cellars are a world reference with more than 170,000 annual visitors coming from all over the world.