Quinta da Boavista

Authentic Douro

Produced from 36 hectares of vines planted in impressive stone terraces built by hand, the wines from the emblematic Quinta da Boavista represent the bounteous match between nature and human knowledge. The plot that is the source of each wine, its vinification and ageing process are the basis for two distinct brands: Boa-Vista and Quinta da Boavista.

Reserva and single-varietal wines are launched with the “Boa-Vista” umbrella. The first as a blend of new and old vines and the second with the most expressive and high-quality grape varieties from each vintage.

The brand “Quinta da Boavista” includes two of the portfolio icons: Vinha do Oratório and Vinha do Ujo. Made from grapes coming exclusively from the estate’s parcels with the same names, they present themselves as intense, concentrated and high-quality wines from old vines with an average age of 80 years.


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