Customer Focus

To get to all markets in a quick and effective way, we have developed a method that enables us to control the entire cycle of the wine and make sure the wine reaches the consumer with the highest quality possible.

Custumer Care Service

Sogevinus’ Logistics Centre is the commanding unit of all industrial operations. Representing a 1.88 million Euro investment, the Logistics Centre is where all the wine from all the group’s brands is bottled, and where all the wine is stored and expedited from.

At the same time, we have invested in improving the efficiency of all industrial processes, in order to make the whole operation more agile, consistent and flexible. That is why we are able to place our wines out in the market quickly and efficiently.

We are constantly monitoring the quality of our service, measuring its agility, consistency and flexibility, with the aim to rapidly react to our clients’ demands. We have an experienced team that is exclusively dedicated to servicing our customers, who guarantee attention to detail, essential to preserve the quality of our wines.

Market Watch

It is one of our main priorities to get to know the preferences of the consumers and the trends of the market.

Sogevinus follows the market’s evolution closely, always alert to new opportunities to share our wines with more people. For this reason, our global strategy is always evolving.

Quality Control

In the bottling and logistics processes, we apply inspection techniques that use artificial vision on all bottles. All the logistics is automated and optimised.

Human Touch

Our products are made based on a sound balance between technology and human sensitivity, with the aim to provide the best possible experience to the consumer.