Three exceptional Vintage Port wines, produced in a year that presented big challenges for Douro wine makers

Sogevinus Fine Wines announces the launch of three 2015 Vintage Port wines: Kopke Quinta S. Luiz, Burmester Quinta do Arnozelo and Cálem.

The launch of these wines follows the tradition of these Port wine Houses delivering balanced and intense wines with particularly elegant tannins.

These 2015 Vintages by Sogevinus combine impressive technique with master blending while preserving the particular style of each House. The Quintas Vintage Ports are wines of unique character, style and quality, reflecting the excellence of the Demarcated Region of Douro: the singular richness of the terroir and the perfection of the vines in our quintas.

Made with the finest grapes from the best plots of Quinta de S. Luiz and Quinta do Arnozelo.

Kopke Quinta de S. Luiz Vintage 2015

Kopke Quinta de S. Luiz Vintage 2015 brings in its bottle the character of a unique legacy. Dense in colour, it reveals an exuberant and complex nose with prevailing aromas of very ripe black wild berries wrapped in subtle notes of balsamic and light hints of black pepper. Refined and intense in the mouth, it displays excellent balance between its acidity and very expressive tannins, typical of Kopke’s Single Quinta Vintages. A lengthy and powerful finish, with flavours of ripe black fruit and striking acidity, suggesting a Single Quinta with extraordinary ageing potential.

Our years of experience brings knowledge and thoughtfulness. Kopke’s Quinta Vintages are a demonstration of unique character.. 2015 wasn’t a year for a Kopke classic vintage, as the grapes ripened rather irregularly, producing wines thinner on the palate and less intense in colour, thus lacking the essential requirements of a Kopke Classic Vintage.

Burmester Quinta de Arnozelo Vintage 2015

In line with the sophisticated and elegant profile that defines its name, Burmester Quinta de Arnozelo Vintage 2015 presents a deep ruby colour with streaks of violet. With an intensely perfumed nose, it shows prevailing aromas of ripe fruit wrapped in notes of mint and hints of black pepper and cassis. On the palate it is intense and vigorous, displaying powerful tannins that fill the mouth. The ripeness of the fruit is well established, delivering a refreshing sensation conveyed by its excellent acidity. A fantastic vintage from a unique quinta – the grapes were carefully selected from the oldest plot in the vineyard. The wine was made in “robotic treading lagares” at a controlled temperature..

Cálem 2015 Vintage Port

Cálem declares a Classic Vintage. In doing so, Cálem reinforces the path of consistency and quality of its wines – a path that has enabled it to achieve and sustain the trust not only of its Portuguese clientele but also of the more than 50 markets to which it exports. Cálem 2015 Vintage Port is made from grapes from the Upper Douro, which result in wines that are more intense, laden with black fruit aromas and balanced. The wine was made in stainless steel “robotic treading lagares” and fermented with 50% of stems. This Cálem Vintage is dark red in colour and slightly closed on the nose. The wine nevertheless displays aromas of very ripe black fruit and hints of spice and cocoa. In the mouth it is robust and intense, with elegant and well-established tannins that linger, revealing a good balance between acidity and sweetness. It finishes with jammy fruit flavours, making this Vintage easy and sweet, with a long and intense finish. It has great ageing potential.