The gold medals were attributed to the wines of Port Kopke Harvest Tawny 1958, Kopke Harvest White 2008, Kopke Tawny 10 Years, Burmester Harvest Tawny 1952, Tawny Caine 10 Years, Barros Harvest Tawny 1980 and Barros Tawny 10 Years.

Seven gold and three silver medals in one of the oldest and most prestigious international contests, International Wine Challenge

Seven gold and three silver medals. It is the balance of the classifications obtained by Sogevinus wines in one of the oldest and most prestigious international competitions, the IWC – International Wine Challenge, which recently took place in London, gathering jurors from dozens of nationalities. Note that the Burmester Colheita Tawny 1952 was also distinguished with the trophy “Harvest Port Trophy, Port Trophy” and the Tawny Caeman 10 Years with “10 Years Olds Tawny Port Trophy”. Silver was achieved by the Kopke Harvest Tawny 1987, Burmester Tawny 10 Years and Calem Harvest Tawny 2002. The awards will be presented on July 10 at a ceremony dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel – Park Lane, London. In another international competition, the IWSC – International Wine & Spirit Competition, also held in London, Kopke Harvest Tawny 1981 (Gold Outstanding 2018), Kopke Tawny 40 Years, Barros Tawny 10 Years, Caham Harvest Tawny 1983 and Barros Harvest Tawny 1980 reached the gold. Kopke White Harvest 2008 (Silver Outstanding 2018), Kopke White 10 Years, Kopke Harvest Tawny 1978, Kopke Harvest Tawny 2002, Burmester Tawny 10 Years, Cawn Tawny 10 Years, Calem Harvest Tawny 2002, Barros Harvest Tawny 1998 (Silver Outsanding 2018) have obtained silver. Finally, the Kopke Harvest Tawny 1987 was honored with bronze. The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 14 in London.