According to LEWIS, analysing the difference between the first five classified, only those organisations that bet on the modernisation – mobile, improvement of speed during the page loading, search engine optimisation, etc – managed to stand out from the rest.

Sogevinus is the best digital marketing wine company in Portugal

The Marketeer Online published the news early in July, following the presentation by the global communications agency LEWIS of the “2019 Wine Digital Engagement Index”, an evaluation of the wine sector in Portugal from the point of view of a digital marketing/presence. The index analysed 10 key categories, such as personalisation, social networking, customer response times, user experience, mobile device optimisation, page loading speed and data security.


Sogevinus stands out for its modern and up-to-date approach in areas such as speed during page loading, search engine optimization, mobile, and the launching of new websites which are “modern and attractive”, enabling the user to discover new experiences whilst stimulating “the discovery of the organization, its history, as well as the wines it produces” (LEWIS PORTUGAL).


“Most brands seem to be using the networks only as a channel to distribute information and spread their message, rather than seeing them as an opportunity to listen to their customers and explore the notion of community” (Lewis, Portugal). Sogevinus has been countering this trend since 2017, when it began a Facebook page for its brand Velhotes.


Considering the rapidness of the digital world, where the users’ needs are updated at a frantic speed, the recognition of Sogevinus as the top digital marketing wine company comes as a major reward for the company’s continuous work and effort under our principles: passion, quality, commitment, perseverance and innovation.


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The full evaluation made by LEWIS Portugal is at: https://www.teamlewis.com/…/wine-digital-engagement-vitivi…/